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The ACP Legal Association

  • OHADAC and ACP Legal

    The partisans of this project, called OHADAC (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in the Caribbean), decided to meet within the framework of the association ACP Legal, to help interested Caribbean States to implement the project.

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  • OHADAC in brief

    This brochure has been published by the ACP Legal Association.

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OHADAC Convention (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in the Caribbean) / from 21-22 September 2015, GUADELOUPE (FWI)

29 Jun 2015

The site www.ohadac.com has the pleasure of confirming the upcoming OHADAC Convention, which will be held on September 21-22, 2015 at the World Trade Center Complex in Pointe-à-Pitre / Jarry, GUADELOUPE. The OHADAC Convention is organised by the ACP Legal Association, constituted with the goal of implementing the OHADAC project, with the support of the CCI (Chambre of Commerce and Industry of the Guadeloupe Islands Region) and the OHADAC Chapters (of the islands and territories of the Caribbean).

The OHADAC Convention will solemnly present all of its completed work and will announce the birth of the very first OHADAC institution, the “OHADAC Center for Arbitration and Conciliation”, which will be headquartered in Guadeloupe.

The Convention's work will focus on the OHADAC Principles of International Commercial Contracts, OHADAC Arbitration and Conciliation, the OHADAC Model Law for Private International Law, and the OHADAC Model Law for Commercial Companies, in the presence of the experts in international contract law, international arbitration, and private international law, both Caribbean and European, who contributed to drafting these documents. Young researchers will also have the opportunity to present their work.

This Convention will also bring together representatives from the Caribbean States and territories, the different Chapters of the OHADAC space. Representatives from prestigious international organisations working for legal unification (such as UNCITRAL, OHADA, UNIDROIT, etc.), Chambers of Commerce, lawyers, and universities will also attend.

Remember that the ACP LEGAL association has been working since 2007 towards the emergence of the O.H.A.D.A.C. project (Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in the Caribbean), with the support of the Guadeloupe, Guyana, and Martinique Regions, of France through the Regional Cooperation Fund, and of the European Union in the contexts of INTERREG.

With everyone's support, this project should continue to be promoted in the Caribbean territories so that the “OHADAC instruments” may eventually be approved by all of the States and territories as instruments of private international intra-Caribbean business law.

The OHADAC Center for Arbitration and Conciliation and the draft documents for harmonization of business law that will be presented at the OHADAC Convention this coming September 21 and 22 are at the heart of the process of elaborating a business legal framework across the Greater Caribbean. The OHADAC is therefore laying the groundwork for true regional integration of the countries and territories of the Caribbean.

Download the draft programme for the Convention.

For all additional information, please contact:

Dr. Jean Alain Penda
Coordinator of the OHADAC project
Email: japenda@ohadac.com

Published on 2015-06-29, 9:31 am